ORION: Autonomous unmanned aircraft counter-drone system

Presenting our contribution for the IEEE Communications Society Student Competition along with Nicolas Souli.

The  ORION  system  aims  to  establish  an autonomous  counter-drone  system  that  employs  algorithms  for  detecting  and  tracking  a  rogue  drone,  in  conjunction  with wireless interception capabilities to jointly jam the rogue drone while achieving self-positioning for the pursuer drone. In the proposed system, SDR technology is used for RF detection, jamming transmission, and spectrum sweeping functionalities to achieve the desired detection, GPS disruption, and self-localization, respectively.  
Contrary to the high-cost anti-drone systems that are specifically designed for military purposes, the proposed anti-drone system is low-cost, and can jointly provide both jamming  as  well  as  self-localization  capabilities.  A  proprietary  integrated  counter-drone  system  has  been  developed  and  a working  prototype  has  been  tested  through  extensive  simulations  and  real-world  field  experiments  under  various  settings.